What would it be like to get more market opportunities &
lower your trading risk?

You'd make more money. And lose less, which means you'd make even more.


If you're a trader, the difference is simple.
     "I think the price will move in my favor."
Changes to
     "I know the prices are in my favor."

That's the advantage of cross-exchange arbitrage . You know your buy and sell prices in advance.

Don't miss the best opportunities. See into every corner of the market.

Get mobile access to a 24 hour market. Don't stay stuck at a desk. Trade from anywhere, anytime you like. Live and work wherever you choose. You don't miss so many great opportunities. And there are more whenever you're ready.

No coding. As a trader, your ability to evaluate risk is much more valuable than your ability to code. Here's a software secret: algorithms and AIs are not great at analyzing risk without a lot of data. Luckily, the biggest risk is that prices move against you. With arbitrage, that's mostly gone.

One platform for almost all cryptocurrency exchanges. Get many more market opportunities, because you get many more offers. Compare prices at a glance. Skip the uncertainty and errors you get when every exchange looks different. Learn just one simple interface.

Security is critical. Privacy is priceless. Your wallet and api keys are stored on your device. Your trades execute directly between you and each exchange. You keep your wallet, exchange keys, and money. DeNova doesn't track your trades or use third party trackers. We can't lose your money or sell your private data. We don't have it.

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You keep all the profit. Many more exchanges means much more competition for your trade. You get a single interface in your browser to the exchanges, but your trades don't go through us. There's no middleman between you and the exchanges to cut your profit.

Crystal clear interface means less uncertainty and fewer errors. Many businesses work hard to maximize ad views or transaction fees. DeNova's flat fee subscription eliminates any motive to waste your time or money.

Lower risks mean more profit. You know your buy and sell prices before you trade. There's no long term price anxiety, because you buy and sell at almost the same time. It doesn't matter if prices are going up or down. What matters is that exchanges have different prices. Volatility isn't your enemy any more. It widens those price differences. Which reduces your risk more. And of course, increases your profit.

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