The Arbitrage Report — 2021-08-10


The Bitcoin price you see in the media isn't the best price

It's usually just the price from one exchange. And it's traditionally the bid price, not the ask price. So you couldn't actually buy Bitcoin from that exchange at that price.

There are hundreds of exchanges, all with different prices. When you buy or sell, of course you want the best price you can get.

Don't settle for a price because of one exchange's marketing. To find the real best price, you have to track prices on as many exchanges as you can.

If you don't have the best data, you miss the best trades

With so many exchanges, it's a huge job to find those opportunities. That's why DeNova tracks and analyzes 154 exchanges for you. You get the best offers, not just the best marketed offers.

Here's a real life example. These are the very best prices for Bitcoin, from all the exchanges that traded in BTC/USD during 2021-08-10.

Best price for Bitcoin Buyers for 2021-08-10

The best exchange was Bitfinex.

If you wanted to buy Bitcoin during 2021-08-10, the best price was USD 44,684 at Aug. 10, 2021, 4:32 p.m. on the Bitfinex exchange.

The worst price, from any exchange, was USD 49,799 at Aug. 10, 2021, 12:04 a.m.. That's a difference of USD 5,115, or 10.27%.

Best price for Bitcoin Sellers for 2021-08-10

And the best exchange was Yobit.

If you wanted to sell your Bitcoin during 2021-08-10, the best price was USD 47,101 at Aug. 10, 2021, 12:21 a.m. on the Yobit exchange.

The worst price, from any exchange, was USD 4,000.01. That's a difference of USD 43,100.99, or 91.51%.

With this data, you can make money even when Bitcoin is dropping

If you're a trader, it's easy to make money when prices are rising. But it takes a better strategy when Bitcoin prices are going down.

The traditional options are to get out of the market or sell short. If you're out of the market you make nothing. If you sell short the market will often move against you, espcially in a short squeeze. But there is a much better solution.

The different prices at different exchanges are a great opportunity. Buy from a low priced exchange, and immediately sell to one with a high price. That's arbitrage.

And the best part? It works whether prices are going up or down. The price differences between exchanges are always there.

Arbitrage is the safest trade you can make

It's much safer because before you buy, you already know your sell price..

With most trades market risk is your biggest danger. Prices change over time. The market can move against you. Arbitrage makes that huge risk tiny. You buy and sell immediately, so there is almost no time for prices to change.

What if you took every good arbitrage opportunity? How much would you make?

More than you're likely to believe without seeing it for yourself. So go look at the real data.

There are plenty of good opportunities for the rest of us. During 2021-08-10 there were 5,200 opportunities to buy and sell right away for a gross profit of 2% or better.