Bitcoin Core 0.18.0

Safeget is the simplest safe way to download and verify a file. It does the security checks that almost everyone skips, and does them more thoroughly.

  1. Download the Bitcoin Core safeget for your system from the list below.
  2. Run:
      python3 INSTALLER
    Replace INSTALLER to match the safeget you downloaded, such as "safeget-bitcoin-core-linux-x86-64-0.18.0".

Safeget will download and verify Bitcoin Core.

Installer File size SHA 256
Linux x86_64 28,687 b418f9796f02ce7095d93e7a8a9da7b0b5968e515ea0b98fbfdb912f60241872
Linux arch64 28,688 f6f2419e9fec29e16b092e9be42955346d4240c705f11a04503e691d7d9d4531
i686-pc 28,504 77b9c1c1119e628ccb6e9b0f468d63ed518d8cc5517795cadf42c5d7ba5643d9