How DeNova Rescue Works

DeNova Rescue protects access to your wallet with automatic blockchain backups and simple restore of your blockchain.

Your wallet needs a local copy of the blockchain. It's very easy to damage your blockchain and lose access to your wallet. Rescue makes it easy to recover quickly.

Rescue works with Bitcoin Core. You get your own non-custodial wallet. Your account balance isn't just a database entry at an exchange. You keep your money in your own hands. You have the keys.

You run Rescue instead of starting Bitcoin-QT or bitcoind directly. When you're not actively using your wallet, Rescue updates and backs up your blockchain. Whenever you need your wallet, Rescue pauses and opens your wallet for you. As soon as you're done you close Bitcoin-QT. Rescue then updates and protects your blockchain again. Remember that it's your responsibility to back up your wallet.

Rescue and Bitcoin Core run on your computer. You have the keys to your own wallet. For security, you can only access Rescue from your own machine. You get a local webserver that lets you control everything from your local browser. Any attempt to remotely access Rescue is ignored.

Rescue never sends any of your data to any other computer or network. The only time Rescue connects to DeNova's website is to check for updates.