Protect Access to Your Wallet

DeNova Rescue's automatic blockchain restore gives you fast recovery when you lose access to your wallet.

The biggest risk to holding your own wallet is losing access to it. Any damage to your local blockchain can do it. Just shutting down your machine at the wrong time is enough. The solution is DeNova Rescue. It's free.

Bitcoin Core is magnificient software. We all rely on it. But when people lose access to their full node wallet, they usually hand their wallet to an exchange. Now someone else has your money, not you. Every time that happens Bitcoin loses a full node and becomes less decentralized.

You must install DeNova Rescue before you need it. If you wait for the dreaded "resync" message from Bitcoin Core, you've already lost access to your wallet. Because the blockchain is huge, you can waste days or weeks trying to recover. To avoid this emergency, install DeNova Rescue before your blockchain is damaged. Learn more

Ordinary system backups don't work well with the blockchain. DeNova Rescue:

  • Gets the file list right
  • Sets the file attributes
  • Protects against crashes during backup or restore with unlimited backups

If you don't think you need DeNova Rescue, you might want to bookmark this page. You'll want to find it after your first "resync" blockchain error, when you can't access your wallet.