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Safecopy syncronizes drives and directories, verifing the integrity after the copy. When you are copying massive files or large directory trees, it's important to know that every file was accurately copied. Safecopy allows you to just compare metadata or perform byte-by-byte verification.

Download Safecopy now. It's free.


Python 3.5 or later and the "denova" package from PyPI. Advantageous to also "pip3 install pyrsync2", but not required.


If you downloaded the installer instesad of using pip3, then from the command line, run:

     python3 safeget-safecopy-1.2

We recommend that you place the downloaded "safecopy" app in your OS's path and make it executable so you don't have to preface "python3" to run it.


     safecopy paths

paths: Copy files to the destination. The last path is the destination. For example, safecopy drive_a drive_b will copy all the files and directories from "drive_a" to "drive_b". Safecopy gives you control over how thorough you want the verification to be. Use these options before you enter the "paths":

  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • --verbose Show progress
  • --quick Only update files if the size or last modified time is different
  • --dryrun Show what would be done, but don't do anything
  • --delete Delete all files that are not in the source before copying any files
  • --nowarn No warnings
  • --test Run tests
  • --exclude [EXCLUDE] Exclude the following files and/or directories (comma separated).
  • --verify Verify copies
  • --persist Continue on errors, except verify error.
  • --retries RETRIES How many times to retry a failed copy. Default is not to retry

Error messages

Warning: setuid/setgid bit set on ...

    The setuid/setgid bit is almost always a serious security risk. To remove the bit:
                chmod -s PATH


Copyright 2008-2020 DeNova. Safecopy is open source, licensed under GPLv3 .