Videos and Slides of JExpress

View a few sample installers built with JExpress and learn easy it is to build an installer that will look just the way you want.

Standard Installer Tour

See how a wizard installer handles important tasks like getting the user to agree to your license, verifying the license, creating launchers, an autoupdater, and uninstaller. Or see what a bare bones installer or a click free installer can look like.

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Custom Installer Tour

Learn how easy it is to add a custom class which prompts users for more information during the installation. You can add just about any functionality to your installers, uninstallers, and updaters by using the JExpress API and java runtime library.



Wizard Tour

View the Wizard interface quickly creating a straight-forward installer and updater.

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Advanced Tour

Watch how you can take full control of your installers and updaters design with the Advanced interface.