Unsolicited Comments about JExpress

The following are just a few unsolicited comments about JExpress that we received from customers via e-mail.

JExpress Product   

"I've used JExpress for years. It's been rock solid. No complaints."
Gary P. / Deleware, USA

"I am comparing all my options (IS, IA, etc) and yours seems the best value for money."

"I was *very* impressed with the ease and simplicity with which you enable the developer to create/deploy an installation package."
Stephen M. / California, USA

"With IA, it was just so huge and convoluted and costly. JExpress is a relief, not too big/much, not too small/little."
Shane A. / Michigan, USA

"JExpress is a lot more flexible."
Jennifer J. / Texas, USA

"JExpress easily beats InstallAnywhere and InstallShield Java Edition both in outright functionality and in value for money. It's easy to use and, when push comes to shove, your support is good too!"
Paul F. / Colorado, USA

"We have used JExpress exclusively with great results. Our products have now been deployed on Windows/Linux and MAC platforms with no problem."
James Y. / Ontario, CANADA

"I've been fiddling with various installers today and JExpress is the easiest to use of any of them by a wide margin."
Randy I. / Washington, USA

"I was able to replicate the structure of our application with the information you provided, talk about ease of use."
Gary K. / Texas, USA

"JExpress rocks! I installed it on my PC, and guess what - it just worked!"

DeNova Support   

"The intense customer focus and rapid response support we have received from DeNova has far surpassed that of any other software product I have ever worked with and has wildly exceeded my expectations." (Note from DeNova: Ted also sent this Cheers.wav file as special thank you.)
Ted C. / Massachusetts, USA

"Over the last few weeks, as I evaluated your software, I received quick and accurate answers to my questions. More importantly I was told, with honesty, what your product could and could not do without a lot of BS.

"Thanks for the quick responses by the way. You've been more help in 24 hours than 5 years of dealing with InstallShield."
Tara H. / California, USA

"You are the fastest product supporter I've ever seen !!!"
Emmanuel Z. / GERMANY

"I must say that DeNova offers a superior product, and unimaginably better support."
Jason D. / New York, USA

"As an developer and Internet consultant, I rarely find examples of companies that exhibit this level of 'Customer Service'."
Chris E. / New York, USA

"Fantastic response. You can quote me on that."

"Your Knowledge Base on the web is awesome! ... Kudos to your organization for providing such an excellent support tool."
Pete S. / Virginia, USA

"I referred to the manual many times. It is helpful - well organized, well written."
Catherine B. / Colorado, USA

"Congratulations on having the best support team I've ever dealt with! The turn-around time on my questions was lightning fast, and the close contact between them and the R&D dept. is amazing. Also, the openness and speed of delivery on suggestions is completely wonderful."
Jenna H. / Wisconsin, USA