File Options

The Select File panel lets you specify all the files you want included with your installer. JExpress automatically creates a directory tree when you build your installer from this list of files.

Important: If you are having trouble selecting a network drive, then click here.

If you want more control over selecting files within directories, then use the Advanced interface.

Click on the jump point or just page down to learn more about each setting on this panel.



File list

Add all the files and directories that are part of your system which includes, but is not limited to, class, JAR, ZIP, images, and text files.

There's no need to prepare your distributable files into a single directory tree because you can select individual files or entire directories.

You can see how the file structure for your install directory by simply clicking the View layout button.



View layout

When you click View layout button another dialog box opens up which lets you see how the end users' install directory will look. This gives you a quick file layout, including subdirectories, etc.


Selecting a Network Drive

If you are having trouble selecting a network drive when you click the Add button on the Files panel, then you probably need to adjust the way JExpress starts. Follow the instructions for your environment below.

Windows with JRE 1.5.x or later

Load the file (located in the JExpress subdirectory) into a text editor. Change the property for the args attribute so you prepend the following information (following the =):


For example, if the args line looked like this before you made any changes:

args=-cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

then the line should look like this after your changes:

args=-Xbootclasspath/p:. -cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

Save the changes and start JExpress again. You should be able to select network drives from the drop down menu.

Unix Systems with JRE 1.5.x or later

Load the jexpress script into a standard text editor and add the following switch before the -cp switch:


Save the file and restart JExpress.

Any OS with JRE 1.5.x

If you're running JExpress version 4.1.0 or earlier, then you'll need to get an update to the latest version. DeNova's development team fixed a bug in Sun's Swing code that prevented Swing from letting users on Windows select network drives. The latest version of JExpress includes this change. DeNova has supplied the changes to the code to Sun's development team and we hope they'll release a new version of Swing that includes the fix.