Welcome Options

All the information in the text fields from the Welcome panel appears on the first screen of your install program. Each field appears on a separate line, exactly as you type it.

Click on the jump point or just page down to learn more about each setting on this panel.



Application name

Enter the name of your software application. You might want to include (TM) if your application is trademarked. Required field.




Fill in the individual's name or the company's name that you'd like to give create for creating your application.




If your application is copyrighted, then you should include the full copyright text.

The correct format in the US and most other countries for a copyright must include the year(s) the work was copyrighted, the company or individual that owns the copyright, and either the word Copyright, the symbol ©, or a lower case c in parentheses (e.g., (c)). For example, Copyright © 2012 DeNova. is a valid copyright notice, while Copyright © DeNova is not valid because the year is missing.




Enter the URL for your web site where customers can contact you.

If you use the autoupdate feature, then JExpress also uses the information you fill in this field to set your distribution URL.