JExpress Wizard

JExpress lets you create complete, multilingual installers and autoupdaters with a simple wizard.

You can change from the Wizard interface to the Advanced anytime by selecting "Switch to the Advanced user interface" from the Options menu.

All you do is fill out a few small forms and click Next. You can click Back anytime to change or look at your earlier settings. When you're ready click Build. JExpress creates your Java installer(s) and autoupdaters for you.

If you don't see a feature you need in the Wizard, just click Advanced when you open your project. The Advanced interface includes many features the Wizard doesn't support.

You can learn more about using the Wizard by clicking the jump point in the right column. Basically, there is one jump point for each panel in the Wizard.

Use the navigation bar below to see details about each panel in the JExpress Wizard.