Tips about Subprojects

You can easily build one install program for a sophisticated system with multiple apps and applets. All you need to do is set up multiple JExpress projects, and use a master installer project to combine them.

For example, we build multiple projects for JExpress itself. The JExpress Installer is a subproject of JExpress. JExpress creates a directory tree with all the files used by each subproject (JExpress Installer, JExpress Updater, JExpress Uninstaller) ready for inclusion in a higher level master installer project.

To include a subproject in another project, simply include the subproject's Build directory in the higher level project's Files List. JExpress will process the subprojects, including putting it in JAR files and native executables as needed.

You can nest subprojects as deeply as you need this way. Build the subprojects first and then the master installer project.