Double-Clickable Exes

Whenever your installer creates menus on a Windows system, it also creates a double-clickable EXE in the installation directory for each of your Java applications. This means that your customers can use Windows Explorer to start your Java app by clicking on the EXE, or they can use the Start | Program menu item, or they can double click on the desktop icon (if you configured your project to create desktop icons).

Your customers can still modify the arguments to launch your application by changing the corresponding properties file for the application in the JExpress subdirectory. Please be sure to warn them not to change the labels for the AV pairs or the program won't start.

If you prefer your installers to create a shortcut in the menu for your Java apps that launches the JRE and passes the arguments directly, then you can simply delete JavaApp*.exe and JavaAdminApp*.exe from the winapp/javamenus subdirectory. We don't recommend you do this unless you are confident that the command line will never be more than 126 characters long and your app doesn't run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 with UAC active.

Learn how to sign the EXEs created by JExpress for your java app's menus.