Installer or Updater Too Large?

Installer too large? or Updater too large?


The maximum size of the installer, uninstaller, and updater jar file is 4 gigabytes. Usually if you get this error, it means you might be including your distribution files (i.e., the files on the Select Files panel) again with your custom classes. This can happen if you set the Location for custom classes on the Custom | Installer, Custom | Uninstaller, and/or Custom | Updater panel as the directory for your distribution files. In other words, you usually want your custom classes to be in a location different than where your distribution files.

Remember that all files and subdirectories are included in the installer from whatever directory you enter into the Custom panels' Location. This means that if you specify the directory where your distribution files are, then your installer will be twice as large as it needs to be. You should keep your custom classes for the installer, updater, and uninstaller in their own directories.