Unable to Create Native Distribution

Unable to create native distribution.


An error occurred while creating the native distribution files. Make sure you have plenty of free disk space. Also, verify that you have read, write, create, and delete access rights to your build directory.

If you have enough disk space and full access to the build directory, then you should verify that you have all the standard files that are distributed with JExpress. In particular, you should make sure that you have a subdirectory in your JExpress directory called platforms and that it has a subdirectory by the name of the native installer you were trying to create. This subdirectory should contain the following files:

  • Windows: cleanup.exe, install.exe, platform.properties, unzipsfx.exe, and upzipx.exe
  • Linux: install, platform.properties, unzipsfx, and upzipx
  • Mac:platform.properties
  • Solaris: install, platform.properties, unzipsfx, and upzipx
  • If you also want to distribute the standard JRE, then you should also have the following files in the appropriately named subdirectory:

    • Windows: jrewin.exe
    • Solaris: jresol.bin
    • Linux:jrelnx.bin

    Learn how to create your own self extracting JVM to distribute with your installers.


    If you'd prefer not to create a Native version, then you can remove the check mark from the appropriate native installer box(es) on the Build panel.