File Not Found

File not found: [filename].


JExpress was unable to find a file while creating a JAR file. Create or move the file to the specified location.

If you specified a license or readme file in the Install panel, we recommend that you use the Browse button so you can be sure to get the full pathname typed correctly.

If the error message includes "(Not a directory)", then where the software expected a directory, there was a file of the same name. The directory and conflicting file may be at any level of the path.

Prior to version 7.1.8, JExpress reported this error when it was unable to create a directory. JExpress needs full permissions to read, write, and create directories in the build directory and also the system's temporary directory.

If the missing file is config\, then be sure that the user running JExpress has read/write access to the JExpress directory and all of its subdirectories. Remember that on Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows 8 this means that if you installed JExpress in the Program files subdirectory, that you'll have to be an administrator to run JExpress or have changed the permission for the JExpress subdirectory and all of its subdirectories.


If the [filename] refers to the license or readme, then you can remove the name from the Install panel. If the [filename] is from the File List, then you can remove the filename from the Files panel.