Update URL Needed for Auto-Update

No Update URL on the Auto Update panel.


You must have a Update URL to use the JExpress Updater feature.

If you're not sure what to enter for the URL, then leave it blank. Whenever JExpress detects a blank URL, it uses the information on the Welcome panel to create the URL. You must fill in both the Application name and your web site on the Welcome panel so JExpress can supply a valid URL.

If you're using the Advanced interface and JExpress is uploading the files online, then you must have the ftp directory and the Update URL point to the same location on your web site. If you're not very familiar with the relationship between the Update URL and an ftp directory, then please talk with your webmaster and review our comments about it.

Be sure to review the discussion on the distribution files so you know where to store your files on your site if you're not using JExpress to upload your files.