Tutorial 7 / Part 5

To add all files in a directory tree directly to the installation directory without retaining the subdirectory structure...

  1. On the Select Files panel, under the File List box, click Add.
  2. Move to the installation directory for JExpress.
  3. Highlight the HelloWorld subdirectory and click Open
  4. HelloWorld should appear in the left hand list box. Highlight it and click the Edit button.
  5. In the new dialog box, click the Files only radio button
    This will cause the files from the HelloWorld subdirectory, and its subdirectories, to be included directly in your customer's installation directory. In other words, all files from HelloWorld and all files from the subdirectory HelloWorld/Source will be stored directly in the installation directory. The Source subdirectory will not be created. You can create a subdirectory by either selecting As a directory or by selecting Files and subdirectory.
  6. Click the All files radio button
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. In the End user layout list box, see how all the files, but no subdirectories, from the HelloWorld subdirectory appear, nor does the HelloWorld directory itself does not appear.

When you're ready, click Next.