Tutorial 2 / Part 7
Find Classes and Distribute Online

Move to the Launchers panel by click in the matching radio button in the left column or the Next button in the bottom right corner.

  1. Leave the Group blank.
    If you want the launcher to appear in its own group or submenu, then you'd enter the name here.
  2. Under the Launchers list box click: Add button.
  3. A new dialog box opens called Launcher with 2 tabs: Basic and Advanced.
  4. In the Display name field enter: Hello World
  5. Click on the Browse button next to the Icon filename field and select the hello.ico file.
  6. Click the Java application radio button next to the Starts label.
  7. Either click the Search button and select Hello or in to the Main classname field or enter: Hello
    • If the Main method is in a package, then you'd include the package name and the class name.
    • Do not specify the .class nor any directory or path names in the main classname.
    • The executable for the JVM (e.g., java.exe) is automatically configured in the installer.
    • If your Java app requires a special runtime classpath or JVM parameters then you'll set them on the JVM panel.
  8. Add a check mark to the appropriate options for this launcher.

Keep the Launcher dialog box open, then click Next.