Cross Platform Installer Logs

If you experience any difficulties with a Cross Platform installation, then please create the following empty text files in the directory where you saved [].jar:

  • installer.log
  • menus.log
  • autostartup.log
  • uninstall.log
  • installfiles.log
  • jarfile.log
  • jarmanifest.log
  • textpanel.log
  • wizard.log
  • exec.log

Note: Case is important in the filename on some operating systems.

Try the installation again and review the logs, including errors.log, to see if you can spot the challenge. Please remember to delete the logs when you've resolved the challenge because they can grow very large. If you're unable to find a solution on your own, then please send the portion of the logs which shows the difficulty.

If your customer experiences difficulties with the installation of your Java app, then we'd suggest that they follow similar instructions, but they'll need to send the logs to your technical support.