JExpress Diagnostic Logs

The IDE for JExpress, called JExpress Builder, lets you create a variety of diagnostic logs to see what is going on behind the scenes. Generally, JExpress records diagnostic information if the log file already exists before JExpress Builder starts. If you're on Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows 8, then you'll find the build logs in the Users\Public\Documents\JExpressBuilder directory. On all other OSes, then build logs are in in the installation directory for JExpress. The noted exceptions are: errors.log, warnings.log, messages.log, and jex.log. You can delete these logs at any time because JExpress automatically recreates them as needed.

   Log Name    Filename
   Errors Log    errors.log
   General Messages Log    messages.log
   Detailed Build Log    jex.log
   Welcome Dialog    jexpress.log
   FTP Upload Log    ftpuploader.log
    Web Pages    webpages.log
   Class Files Log    classfiles.log
   JAR File Log    jarfiles.log