FAQ About Customizing

Your Installers and Updaters

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How do I customize my installer?

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Can my custom classes be included in a package?

Yes. The directory you specify on the Custom tabs must include the package subdirectory tree. For example, if your custom class is named com.mycompany.CustomClass and you specify a custom directory named /usr/src/CustomInstallerDir, then CustomClass.class must be in /usr/src/CustomInstallerDir/com/mycompany.

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How do I add my custom classes which are stored in JAR files to a native installer?

You must store the JAR files in platforms subdirectory for the OS and modify (or create if it doesn't exist) the custom.platform.properties file in the matching subdirectory. The 2 properties that you must change in the platform.properties file are: installerExtraFiles and loaderClasspath. Add the name of the JAR file(s) to each of the values for these properties. There should be a space separating the JAR filenames for the installerExtraFiles and the correct path separator for the loaderClasspath property.

If you are creating multiple native installers that all use the same JAR files, then you must add those JAR files to each platform's subdirectory (e.g., platforms/Windows, platforms/Linux, platforms/Solaris) and modify the matching custom.platform.properties files for those platforms.

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What's the API for my custom classes?

You can use anything in the JVM's runtime library. You can also use JExpress' extensive Custom APIs in your installers and updaters. We also include many examples that you can use immediately or adapt to your needs.

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How do I change the classpath so I can compile my custom classes?

You must add the full path to the JExpressInstaller subdirectory. Do not add the path to the JExpress directory itself as you do not have a license to distribute any of those classes.

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