API for the Installers and Updaters

JExpress API

JExpress fully supports integration of your own custom wizard panels. You can easily customize both your Java installers and updaters. You can also execute any Java commands that you want to perform during the installation or update that don't require user interaction. You customize JExpress by creating a custom wizard panel in Java.

JExpress includes an extensive API that makes it easy to enhance your installers and updaters. We also include many examples that you can use immediately or adapt to your needs. You can access the installer's configuration and the user's answers during the installation through the installer's properties. Similarly, you access the updater's configuration information through the updater's properties.

Any custom wizard panel that you want to add to the uninstaller cannot access any classes in the com.denova.JExpress.Installer or com.denova.JExpress.Updater packages.

All custom classes can use the standard JRE runtime library.