Custom Installations

You can create a beautiful and powerful installer, updater and uninstaller with JExpress without any programming. Use forms for almost everything. If you need something really special, you can easily add your own Java code. For example, you can install extra software like MySQL or VNC, or ask the user for an email address.

All of your customization integrates into JExpress so transparently that customers won't know where the standard JExpress stops and your custom classes start. JExpress' wizards are just a series of WizardPanels. Generally you'll just include your own WizardPanels.

A WizardPanel can do anything you want. It can prompt the user for information, just like the standard installer's directory panel does. It can silently set up the registry or configuration files without any user intervention. A WizardPanel can also run any other program.

JExpress doesn't make you waste your time learning a proprietary script language. You simply use Java and the development environment you already know.

Creating a Custom Java WizardPanel
Where to save your custom classes and data
Integrating Your Custom Classes
Multilingual Support in Your Custom Panels
Uninstalling Files Added with Your Custom Commands
JExpress APIs for Installer and Updater


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