You need to add your files and directories to the Files panel before you design your folders.

Select the Folders tab and then click on the Add button to group your files and directories. You must supply a unique name for each folder. Be sure that the folders' names are distinct so when only alphabetic and numeric characters remain for each name, the names don't conflict. For example, if you have 2 folders named: folder1-2 and folder1_2, these folders are not sufficiently unique. The - and _ will be removed during processing and the folders won't be saved correctly. Of course, folder1 and folder2 would be unique, but "folder 1" and "folder1", would not.

You also can enter a description for easier understanding of your file organization. Customers will not see the folder's description; this info is strictly for your internal use.

Highlight the name of one of your files and directories and click on the Select button to include that file item in the folder.

You can include the same files and directories in multiple folders, if you'd like, but we don't recommend it because it will increase the installer's file size. If you organize your folders so each contains unique files and directories, then the installer won't duplicate any data.

If you forgot to include a file or directory in your File list, then simply OK the dialog box, move to the Files panel, add the missing items, and return to the folder.