Multiple Components / Programs

When you select multiple components on the Organize panel, then you can let your customers decide which components, or programs to install on their system. You can create an unlimited number of components that your customers can choose from during installation. Your customers may install only 1, all, or any combination of the components.

Each component is installed in its own directory tree, with launchers associated with that component, and an uninstaller.

If you want to create an installer to install related install types into one directory tree, with a single uninstaller, then you should use the multiple install types installer.

First you should define your files and directories list. Then, you can create folders that contain 1 or more of the files and directories. Each component must include at least one folder.

When you define your lauchers, you can specify which launcher is associated with which component. If you create a launcher that doesn't have a component specified, then the launcher is created for all the components the user selects.

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You'll want to add your folders before you create your components.

Click on the Components tab and then select the Add button to create a new installation category. Your customers will see both the name and the description you fill in on the Components dialog box during the installation.

The full list of folders is in the bottom window. Simply highlight a folder name and click the Select button to include the folder of files and directories in this component. You remove a folder that's in the Selected list box by highlighting the name and clicking Remove.