Advanced Interface

The Advanced interface lets you do everything you can do with the Wizard plus a lot more. Any project that you create with the Wizard can be used in Advanced interface, but the opposite is not always the case because the Advanced interface includes many features not supported by the Wizard.

You can change from the Advanced interface to the Wizard anytime by selecting "Switch to the Wizard user interface" from the Options menu. Of course, if you defined any features only available in the Advanced interface, then those features won't be included in your installers when built with the Wizard.

The first difference you'll notice between JExpress' interfaces is that the Advanced interface lets you jump to any panel that you want by clicking the panel's name in the list on the left. This interface lets you simply set the options in the order that you'd like. When you're satisfied with the settings, select the Build Installer panel and press the Build button to create your installers. When you use the Advanced interface, JExpress will also find all of your classes for your main class, build autoupdaters for your application, and uploads your installers and updates to your web site when you click the Build button if you have the settings configured. After you successfully build your installers, then you're ready to test them.

JExpress automatically saves your options whenever you exit. Click on the jump point to the right to learn about each option and setting with the Advanced interface.

Use the navigation bar below to see details about each panel in the Advanced interface.