Technical Support

If you have a technical question or a suggestion, please send email to:


The more details you supply in your message about what is happening (or not happening), the version of the JVM and OS, and any other relevant information, the more likely an engineer can provide concrete suggestions and resolve your concerns quickly.

We do not use lollipop people to answer technical questions. All engineers are very familiar with our products and will consult with the developers if they need more information to find a solution.

You will probably receive a response within a few hours after you send your request, but there are times when it might take 1 business day. If you haven't received a response within 1 business day (some engineers work weekends, but it's not required and DeNova's business days are Monday through Friday), please send your message again. We use spam filters so it's possible that a message can be killed accidentally, but we do try to maintain a reasonable balance.