Windows warns that the installer might not have installed correctly.

If a customer installed your application on a modern Windows system and then re-installs it on the same computer without running the uninstaller, then Windows will warn the user that the application may not have installed properly. The user is given the opportunity to accept the installation or not.

Apparently Windows insists that an application be uninstalled before it is installed again. If a user fails to do this, then Windows pops up the warning.

JExpress installers created with 8.0.2 or later now warn the user and let them decide if they'd like the installer to run the uninstaller and then the installer. The user also has the option of proceeding with the installation without uninstalling, but they are warned that Windows will complain at the end of the installation.

We recommend that you encourage your users to either use the Updater if they want a more recent version or that they uninstall before installing.

Applies to
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

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