Sometimes Norton or another antivirus package incorrectly reports a warning during installation. An error like this by a virus checker is called a "false positive".


So far this appears to almost always be a result of the virus detection being out of date. Sometimes this is because of new installation software, and sometimes because the antivirus vendor has recently changed their detection. It's always possible that a virus has infected your installer somewhere along the way, but installers behaving normally are the most common cause of false positives.

First aid is to simply update the antivirus package's detection files. This is usually all that's needed.

If the installation software has changed, it may be necessary to contact the antivirus vendor to resolve the issue. This usually is just filling out a form.

When Symantec Norton Antivirus misidentifies your installer as malware, use their False Positive Submission form. You'll need the "Name of detection given by Symantec product". It also helps to have the full version number of the latest virus update on a system reporting a false positive.

Please send us the same information so we can follow up with the antivirus vendor at the same time. In general the more reports they get, the more responsive they are.

Often the incorrect warning is because of normal behavior by the installer. Other times it's just a new installer version that the malware checker doesn't recognize. Some antivirus packages alert if a program changes the Windows registry, which most installers have to do.

You can often fix the warning by signing your installer or getting certified as a "trusted" site. There may be a charge for certification, resulting in a fee to avoid being labeled "untrusted".

Some people believe that some antivirus vendors may occasionally change their warning thresholds to boost sales. If an antivirus package doesn't report many warnings, people tend not to renew their subscriptions.

You can always tell the antivirus package to accept the file and continue the installation. Only do this if you're confident that no virus has infected your installer along the way.

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