When I try to start an installer, I get the message "Class not found: load".

Please verify that you have the correct file size for the installer from our web site. There are many browsers which download JAR files as if they were text. They are binary files and must be saved on your disk accordingly.

For Netscape, you should point your cursor at the filename and hold the shift key down while you click the left mouse button. For most other browsers, you should generally double click on the filename.

You should check your browser's docs to verify how your version of the browser saves files as binary (i.e., not converting the end of line characters).

Also make sure that the classpath includes the full pathname to installer's jar file if you're installing a cross platform installer and that the classpath also has the full pathname for swingall.jar for Swing 1.1 or 1.2 unless you're using JRE 1.2/Java 2.

Lastly, be sure that installer's jar file is not in the JRE's lib subdirectory. Apparently some versions of the JRE have a problem when you specify some class files when they are in this directory.

Applies to
7.0 or earlier
load not found, classpath, Pure Java installer

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