I try to run the installer and get the error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError".

If you are using JRE 1.1.x, then you must have swingall.jar in the classpath of the command line to start the installer. You should include the full path to the location of the file.

If you are using JRE 1.4 or later on a Unix machine, then you probably need to verify that you have the proper permissions set for your Java's home directory. A quick way to insure that everything is set up properly is to use the "chmod -R 755" command on the Java home directory. If your JExpress installer is installing Java 2 as part of the installation, then the user must have the "rights" to install Java with 755 permission for Java to work reliably.

Also, we've had one customer report that the only way they could reliably get JRE 1.2.1 to work on a Solaris is to be sure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set to [hostname]:0.0 where [hostname] is not null. Setting the DISPLAY to :0 or :0.0 doesn't work properly all the time.

Additionally, on Solaris with JRE 1.2.1, you might try starting "xhost +" before you start the installer. This seems to resolve the resources not found challenge, but it's unclear why. If you are confident that your users will have xhost available, then you can make your native Solaris installers always try to start this program. You do this by changing the "startGuiCommand" property in the platform/Solaris/ file.

The last suggestion for Solaris JRE 1.2.1 customers is to set LANG=en_US set. Sometimes, no LANG setting or LANG=C seems to work.

The most reliable solution for Solaris customers that want to run Java 2, is to upgrade the JRE 1.2.1 to JRE 1.2.2. There are a number of challenges with 1.2.1 that were resolved with this later version.

Applies to
2.0 through 5.0
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