You've selected creating a native Mac OS X installer, but JExpress creates a tar.gz file instead of a dmg file.

If you're running on Linux, then you must have genisoimage installed in the path. If you're distribution of Linux doesn't include genisoimage, then install mkisofs and create a symbolic link for genisoimage.

If you're still having trouble, then load the macapp/mkdmg-on-linux.bin script into a text editor and add or adjust the following line:

VOL_NAME=$(echo $OUTPUT_FILE | cut --characters=-30)

so the -30 fits the maximum number of characters your version of genisoimage supports.

If you're running on Mac OS X, then you may need to add the above line to the macapp/mkdmg-on-mac.bin script. The line goes directly after the assignment of TEMP_DMG.

If you're running on Windows, then you'll need to get one of the 3rd party commerical products that produces DMG files on Windows and create a batch file called mkdmg-on-windows.bat. This file must be in the macapp subdirectory of your JExpress installation and it must accept 3 parameters: the volume's name, the directory to compress, and the size in megabytes. The batch file should assume that the directory to compress is a subdirectory of the current directory and the output DMG file will be in the same directory.

Applies to
8.1.0 and later
DMG installer for Mac OS X

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