When I try to select a network drive, the system pauses briefly and then selects the first drive in the list of drives.

Sun's JFileChooser, which JExpress uses, has a bug which prevents some systems from being able to select network drives. DeNova's development team fixed Sun's code and supplied the changes to Sun's development team. We hope Sun will release a new version of Swing that includes the fix, but until then, you may need to apply a simple change to take advantage of the new code.

If you are using JExpress 4.1.0 or earlier, then you need to get the latest update. If you are using a more recent version and you're still experiencing the challenge, then you'll need to change the way JExpress starts.

If you are operating on Windows with JRE 1.4.x or later, then load the file (located in the JExpress subdirectory of your JExpress installation directory) into a text editor.

Change the property for the args attribute so you prepend the following information (following the =):


For example, if the args line looked like this before you made any changes:

args=-cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

then the line should look like this after your changes:

args=-Xbootclasspath/p:. -cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

Save the changes and start JExpress again.

If you are operating on a Unix system with JRE 1.4.x or later, then load the jexpress script into a standard text editor and add the following switch before the -cp switch:


Save the file and restart JExpress.

Applies to
4.1 or earlier
starting JExpress, UnsatisfiedLinkError

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