When I try to start JExpress and nothing happens.

There are several possible causes for this and most seem to be a challenge with Windows configurations.

If you're operating on Windows, load the file from the subdirectory called JExpress into a text editor. First, see if the args property contains any spaces in directory names that don't have "" around them (e.g. C:\\Program Files\\JExpress should be "C:\\Program Files\\JExpress"). Also, make sure that after the -cp there is not a single back slash. If there is, then change it to a period. If you need to make any of these changes, then save the .properties file and try the menu again.

If the args property file was configured properly, then try reloading the .properties file and change the property for the executableFile so it uses jre.exe or java.exe, instead of the default jrew.exe/javaw.exe. Try starting the application again and see if any errors appear in the Java console.

If you see an error flash on the screen, but you can't read it, then create a batch file to start the application. Again, be sure to use jre.exe/java.exe instead of jrew.exe/javaw.exe so you can see the Java console.

If the application now successfully launches, then send the batch file you created and the .properties file to support so we can see what went wrong with the menu configuration.

If you see the error: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no net in shared library path", then you need to start the IP stack (on Windows called, the Winsock stack). Sun's JRE requires the IP stack be active to run any Java program. JExpress does not send any information across the Internet and doesn't have a need for the stack, but the JRE does require it.

If you are still not able to get JExpress to start, then create a text file called startapp.log in the JExpress directory (i.e., in the same directory where the JExpress.exe file is), and then try to start the application. Send the startapp.log and the .properties file to support

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