JExpress freezes up while finding classes.

Start JExpress with command line switches to increase the memory. You might try this command line:
    jre -ss32m -oss32m -ms32m -mx32m -cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

Case is important with some JVMs, so we recommend that you enter the switches in all lower case. If that doesn't work and you have more memory, then try increasing 32m to whatever is appropriate for your environment.

If you can't increase the available RAM to the JVM, then you might want to break your project into multiple related projects. You can learn more about multiple projects from the tips section of the manual and the step-by-step example.

JExpress needs enough RAM to be able to hold all the classes for your project plus maintain an analysis of those files in memory. If you're system is running out of RAM while JExpress is finding classes, then you either need to increase the memory available to a Java app or disable finding classes automatically in the Classes panel. If you disable the Find classes option, then you'll also need to add your class files to the File and directories list in the Files panel.

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