Installer, Updater, and Uninstaller Knowledge Base

You'll find below suggestions for unexpected events that might happen while running an installer, updater, or uninstaller created with any version of JExpress. You can also create diagnostic logs to help identify any difficulties that you're having with an installer, updater, or uninstaller created by JExpress.


Updater Does Not Update All Files

Custom Update Panel Doesn't Always Run

Updater times out

App doesn't start after Autoupdate

Unknown host (DNS Error)

My App Hangs After Auto-Update

Updater Appears to Corrupt Files

HTTP 500 - Internal server error

Trial updater doesn't do anything

Autoupdater doesn't launch Swing 1.0 app properly

Unable to Get File. Read Only File in Destination?


Unable to Get Update

Quiet updater locks up



Custom class isn't loaded by the installer

Error Instantiating Constructor

Unable to run 3rd party program from installer

loadLibrary from a custom class

Custom panels appear in upper corner of screen

Custom Wizard Panel Doesn't Show Up

Silent installer never terminates



Uninstaller crashes on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

Uninstaller reports manifest file missing

Windows XP doesn't have the uninstall item in Add/Remove list of the Control Panel

Quiet uninstall locks up


Issues only when using JExpress 6.9.x or earlier

0k Files in Zip File

Loader Appears Frozen

Class Not Found: JPanel

"Drive Open" displays when exiting installer

GPF during installation on WinNT

Testing with JDK

Windows Short Cuts

Class Not Found

Missing Files

Windows DOS Prompt

Installer Always Reloads

No Progress Reports

Unable to Load Properties

Unable to Load Options

NoClassDefFoundError for JExpressInstallerApp$JExpressInstallerAppWindow

PC freezes at end of installation

No resources found

Java Plug-in installer doesn't open another window