Native and Cross Platform Installer Builder JExpress FAQ

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JExpress Overview

Is JExpress only a Java installer?

Why shouldn't I just write an installer myself?

Why not just use Java Web Start?

What are the advantages of JExpress over the competition?

Can JExpress make my Java app an EXE on Windows?
An app bundle on OS X?

Do I get a cross platform installer too?

Does JExpress include an autoupdater?

Does JExpress support languages other than English?



Do I need a JVM on my machine to run JExpress?

Do my customers need a JVM on their machine?

Do the native installers have to distribute a JVM?

Can I change the version of the JVM that is distributed with the native installers?

Can I install Java on Mac OS X?

Do my Mac OS X customers have to reconfigure their java app bundles if they upgrade from Java 5 or 6 to Java 7?

What versions of the JVM does JExpress support?


User Interface and Programmers

Do I use a Wizard to create my installation programs?

Do my customers use a Wizard while installing?

Can I use JExpress even if I'm not a Java programmer?

Can JExpress create installers for non-Java products?


License and System Requirements

How is JExpress licensed?

What is the difference between the Team and Standard licenses?

What tools does DeNova use to build JExpress?

What are the system requirements for my machine?

What are the system requirements for my customers' machines?

What is the maximum size installer can I create?


Platforms and Download Size

Does JExpress let me change the Windows registry?

Does JExpress let me change environment variables?

What platforms can JExpress run on?

What computer language is JExpress developed in?

How large are the download files for JExpress?