JExpress End of Life

After 18 years JExpress is reaching end of life.

It does its job so well that no one has requested significant enhancements in years. But most people are moving on to more powerful build tools like DeNova's dBuild, and so are we. Unless you take action now, JExpress and CopyCheq will stop working January 1, 2016.

We are offering a new license called JExpress Long Term which is licensed in perpetuity and includes source code for the installer, updater, and uninstaller for any emergencies. Existing customers can upgrade their licenses at a discount if they contact our Sales department.

To accommodate the people who still use JExpress every day, and the ones who need it to build every new release of their product, we are offering a special Retirement package. You can get a version of JExpress that will work as long as you like without CopyCheq, and with source code for any emergencies.

If you purchase the Long Term JExpress license by the end of June 2015, then the one time price is just $895, a discount of over 60%. If you purchase after June 2015, then the one time price is $2,495. Get it now and save $1600. Just enter the discount coupon "Tzeidy8ab" when placing your order. We cannot provide the discount after you submit your order.

We also want to take a moment and thank you for your years of loyalty. We wish you continued good fortune.