How we protect your private information

For the basics see our privacy policy.

We never have your wallet keys or any credentials for any exchange. DeNova does not track your trades, balance or trading history. We do not use third party trackers.

DeNova Trader never interacts with your wallet. We do not even know if you have a private wallet or use one at an exchange. Even though Blockchain Backup is designed to rescue your wallet, it never needs or touches your keys.

Your credentials and trades are sent straight from your browser to the exchange. They are never sent to DeNova. You can choose to save your credentials on your own device by changing your DeNova Trader preferences. This is more convenient but less secure. The default is to not store your credentials.

If you set this preference, your credentials are stored on your device in your browser's "Local Storage". DeNova tells your browser when to send your credentials to an exchange. It is the browser's responsibility to protect your Local Storage from other web sites. If you prefer a more secure dedicated hardware device, just let us know.

If you do not explicitly choose to store your credentials, they are immediately deleted after sending them to the exchange.

Any device where you store your credentials becomes a key to your exchange accounts.

Because you keep your credentials, no one can take over your exchange accounts by accessing DeNova.

DeNova Trader places your trades directly from your browser to the exchange. When you query your balance or trading history at an exchange, that information goes straight from your exchange to your browser.

We use cookies to know if you are a subscriber and to know your preferences. These cookies are stored in your browser and on DeNova's server.

We believe privacy is priceless, especially where money is concerned.