Get started

  1. Choose a system.
    • Fast processor
    • 8G RAM
    • External 1T backup drives
    • Fast net connection
    • Linux
  2. Install the latest Bitcoin Core into one of the directories in your path.
  3. Download and install the open source and free DeNova Rescue. When your money is involved, automatic updates are critical. It's the only way to be sure you get the latest security updates. Order automatic upgrades to protect your money.
  4. Wait for DeNova Rescue to update your blockchain. If this is the first time you've used Bitcoin Core, then the update can take days. There's plenty to do while it updates.
  5. Try it for free Get DeNova Trader free for a 30 day trial.
  6. Select candidate exchanges based on prices.
  7. Research the reputations of the candidates.
  8. Investigate how your selected exchanges make their money.
  9. Open a trading account with each exchange you chose.
  10. Add an account in Trader for each exchange where you have a trading account.
  11. Test very small trades.
  12. Grow deposits and trades as trust grows.