When your software team needs a boost, we can help

Even great teams like yours can't do everything. No one has infinite time or expertise.

We can help. We've successfully completed a very wide range of projects, from realtime control to rule-based AI to fintech. Using languages from assemblers to Python. Decades of doing what most others can't. We get it done.

Most of what we do is proprietary. So here are a few open source examples showing a little of what we can do. You can see the quality you'll get, and that safety and reliablity are high priorities. There's a full web app, plus command line programs and libs.

Blockchain Backup Blockchain Backup adds resilience to Bitcoin Core. The biggest risk to holding your own Bitcoin Core wallet is losing access to your money. Any damage to your local blockchain can block your wallet for days. Ordinary file backups don't help. Blockchain Backup handles the complex coordination of concurrent processes and metadata you need to restore access to your wallet fast.
Safelog Get instant multithread, multiprocess, and multiprogram safe logs. Safelog also has a much simpler and more powerful api than standard python logging.
Safelock Locks are usually the simplest way to get safe concurrent access to a shared resource. But they are a bear to get right. Safelock makes it easy. Get simple systemwide multithread, multiprocess, and multiprogram safe locks.
Safecopy Safecopy syncronizes drives and directories very carefully. Rsync replacement that fixes rsync's fatal default metadata check.
Safeget Downloads and verifies files. It does more security checks for you than most security experts.
denova package The denova python package includes shared enhancements and utilities for your python projects.

If you need a top team for a short project, we can help. Tell us what you'd love to have at services .