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We love helping people with difficult software projects. And we hate that so many people are stuck with software that just doesn't work.

So we take the risk.

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If we don't deliver software that does the job, you don't pay

Your risk is just about zero.

How do we do it? In safe stages. Small stages mean small risks. For example:

  1. Test suite
  2. Working code
  3. Final acceptance

At each stage you get working software. A working test suite. A working app. A finished product. If at any stage you're not happy, you don't pay for that work.

The first stage is to really understand your goals. Usually that means a good test suite. But if you prefer a smart Solidity contract, for example, that's fine.

A test suite is a great definition of goals. It's also the best way to be sure software works. When you are convinced we understand what you want, we get paid for that work. The worst case at this stage is you have a good test suite. That's essential if you want your code to actually work.

The next stage is developing the main software. The test suite gets improved as we go. When your software passes your tests, this stage is done. You have working code.

Your software is polished until you decide it's done

It's rare to know in advance exactly what you need. And there are always issues that pop up in a live system.

Final acceptance is when you say it is. Or when you have deployed the software for a few months. Again, almost no risk to you.

This is the safest way for you to get custom software.

We've developed software from rule-based AI to realtime control to fintech. A specialty is high concurrency systems.

Open source examples of what you get

Of course DeNova Trader is a great example of a complete app, but it isn't open source. If you need a custom version let us know.

Blockchain Backup Recover your blocked Bitcoin Core wallet fast. Blockchain Backup is a complete web app that handles the complex coordination of concurrent processes and metadata you need to restore access to your wallet. It runs on your own server. The biggest risk to holding your own wallet is losing access to your money. Any damage to your local blockchain can block your wallet for days. Ordinary file backups don't help. Blockchain Backup gets your wallet back fast.
Safelock Mutually exclusive locks are usually the simplest way to get safe concurrent access to a shared resource. But implementing the locks is a bear to get right. Get simple systemwide multithread, multiprocess, and multiprogram safe locks.
Safelog Get instant multithread, multiprocess, and multiprogram safe logs. Safelog also has a much simpler and more powerful api than standard python logging.
Safecopy Safecopy syncronizes drives and directories very carefully. Like rsync, without rsync's insecure default metadata check. Securely copies to and from remote filesystems through sshfs.
Safeget Download verified files, not malware. This is the most effective way to get your users to verify files. With one command Safeget downloads and does the complex security checks that most people skip. Verifies pgp/gpg sigs, hashes, and more. Give them one command that downloads and verifies. They'll verify every time.

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