Integrated License Tracking and Copy Protection

More customers. Bigger sales. More money.

  • Web based copy protection and license tracking is built right into your installer. Less piracy.
  • More people buy when it's harder to pirate. More customers.
  • Plus when they buy, they get more licenses. One for every user. Bigger sales.
  • You get more revenue now. They renew on time, so you get more later.
  • Completely painless. Integrated with the installer.
  • Protects any software that can use the net. Works on mobiles, in VMs, just about anywhere.

Home built copy protection is never-ending pain

Let CopyCheq deal with web based copy protection and license tracking. You don't have to worry about specialized software or hardware, servers, security, reliability, or maintenance.

CopyCheq just works.

Stop piracy in 2 short steps

  1. Use JExpress with CopyCheq. This stops most of it instantly.
  2. If you need maximum protection, put a tiny critical part of your app online. CopyCheq your users from your app server. There's nothing on the user system to crack. This stops piracy cold.

Instantly get the benefits of a web app

Web apps have two giant advantages:

  • Almost no piracy
  • Everyone updates automatically

Software as a service doesn't have much piracy at all. All that's really left is "credential sharing", and even then you still know who to charge. But you don't have to move your whole app to the cloud to get the benefits. Just install with JExpress. Now whenever your software starts, it will automatically check the user's license first.

If you need more protection, you can move a tiny critical piece of your app to the web. Even an important file is usually enough. Your app server checks the license server. That way there's nothing on the user system to crack.

With JExpress you get the same automatic updates that a web app has. All your customers are up to date all the time. And with CopyCheq only the ones who are authorized for updates get them.

Suddenly your desktop app has both the piracy protection and auto updates of a web app.

You don't lose any of the work you've already done. You keep your fast rich user interaction. All your future updates and enhancements can go in the web app part. To keep up, crackers would have to rewrite everything you do from now on. They won't. Crackers are lazy.

If you plan to move to a web app, it's best to get the benefits first.

Reports on licenses and usage

Know who is using your software but needs a license. Find out how engaged your users are.

See who's authorized and not, how frequently people use your software, how many sessions and how long they are, how much total time they spend with you, and more.

Simple and transparent pricing

Each CopyCheq package tracks up to 50 customers or 5000 license checks per month. For more customers or more license checks you just get more packages.

Free 6 month package with JExpress. Additional one year packages just US$ 1449.

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